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How to Get Your Pavers Liquid
Limestone or Exposed Aggregate Like New

Discover how ECO Sealing Pavers Perth can protect the beauty of your concrete pavers, exposed aggregate, poured liquid limestone and add value to your property. Don’t let oil, grease food and beverages penetrate deep into your surface, spoiling the look of your concrete, pavers and limestone.

From this


Dirty Ugly Liquid Liquid Limestone

To this


Dirty Ugly Liquid Poured Limestone

Liquid Poured Limestone Cleaned & Sealed

ECO Sealing Pavers Perth has the solution to this problem by using innovative sealers that are ideal for concrete, pavers, decorative concrete and poured limestone. High performance sealers that provides a protective invisible barrier for driveways, patios, walkways and pool surrounds.

Specially formulated sealers that will protect paving and poured limestone from ugly stains. Once your surface is sealed by ECO Sealing Pavers Perth… oil, grease, dirt and food will clean off easier.

5 Reasons To Choose ECO Sealing Pavers Perth

  • Renews and Protects Old & New Pavers
  • Adds Value to Your Property
  • Ensure Surfaces will be Easier to Clean
  • Protects against Ugly Stains and Accidental Spillages
  • Creates a Water Repellent Coating to Inhibit Corrosion from Salt & Chlorine

Deep Clean Protective
Seal for Paving

Surface dirt, grime and moss is removed using a specially formulated cleaning solution in combination with powerful high pressure cleaning equipment. The clean look is then “locked in” with a stain and oil resistant paving sealer specifically suited to your surface.

Do You Have New
Concrete Pavers?

The best time to seal pavers is when they are new before any stains and oils have penetrated. Don’t let thousands of dollars’ worth of new pavers deteriorate and be ruined by ugly stains, reducing your property’s value.

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To Avoid Toxic Fumes & Solvent Residues Around Your Property Choose "Low VOC" Sealers from Contractors who buy from Specialist Sealing Manufacturers

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