Important Disclaimer:

  1. Stains - Due to factors beyond our control like age, weather, uneven wear and porosity of various surfaces, pressure cleaning cannot fix wear & tear nor remove stains that have gone deep into your substrate. However, we use powerful commercial grade equipment in conjunction with strong cleaners and industry best practices which will give you optimal results
  2. Mould - Unfortunately, there is no cure for mould, however one of the major advantages of having your paving cleaned and sealed is that dangerous mould spores are eliminated, risk of mould damaging and permanently staining your paving is reduced and cleaning will be easier as the mould will sit on the surface instead of penetrating deep down into your substrate
  3. Pool - If drainage is limited, dirt from our deep cleaning process will go into your pool. However, we will do everything possible to limit the amount
  4. Sealers - Sealers are designed to offer resistance to water and/or oil based stains on indoor and outdoor substrates. Under certain conditions however, all sealers will fail. These conditions are always related to the type of stain and the duration of exposure of the stain on the substrate. Aqua Shield HD by ECO Clean & Seal is a superior quality penetrating sealer which offers one of the highest stain resistant protection capabilities available. It is designed with the latest technology to bond with substrate capillary surfaces providing a protective barrier to oil and water-based stains. The capillaries of the substrate remains open, which allows the substrate to breathe and avoids many of the common problems associated with other sealers...flaking, bubbling, peeling, delaminating and poor bonding to substrates. Even though the capillaries are miniscule in size it's important that any stains are cleaned off immediately, as prolonged contact increases the likelihood of permanent staining.